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SOLD OUT Bokashi

SOLD OUT Bokashi

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My bokashi is made from wheat bran, rice hulls, hash water labs, and molasses will have a STRONG odor of fresh baked bread.

I use my bokashi mainly on my compost. But I also make bokashi JMS, bokashi IMO3, top dress my JLF, no tills and gardens, indoor pots, around my compost bins when the juice flows out of the bins. I also have a jar of bokashi in the kitchen and we use it on our indoor “compost bowl” to keep smells down and help biodegrade the compostable materials.

What exactly is bokashi? Bokashi means "fermented organic matter" and is used in many composting techniques. The practice of making bokashi originated in Japan and involves the using lactobacillus bacteria to pre-digest organic material. This helps to reduce the composting time and eliminating unpleasant odors in the process.

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