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IMO4 (8 lbs)

IMO4 (8 lbs)

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Indigenous Microorganism 4, also known as IMO 4, is a term used in natural farming and sustainable agriculture systems like Korean Natural Farming (KNF). It represents the fourth stage in the Indigenous Microorganism (IMO) process. However, the terminology and specific practices related to IMO 4 can vary depending on the practitioner and the context.

In some natural farming systems, IMO 4 may involve further refinement and enhancement of beneficial microorganisms. This stage can include the selection of specific microorganisms based on their characteristics and functions and may involve additional fermentation or cultivation processes to optimize their effectiveness.

The exact definition and practices associated with IMO 4 may differ among practitioners and regions, as the natural farming approach is often adapted and customized to suit local conditions and needs.

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