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Okcalyxx Organics

TKxLB 10 Reg

TKxLB 10 Reg

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10 Reg

Colors and Kush best describe TKxLB.

Lineage of TKxLB is:

Triangle kush x (triangle kush x NortherLights 5 Haze) x Lime1 Grape Soda (@rustbrandon)


(Pam 1 x Citrus Farmer) x (OG Kush Breath x Mendo Montage), known as “Lady Breath” @familytreeseeds

TKxLB produces a very colorful bud!  Bracts are coated with a purplish blue on the inside. Crack open the buds and it’s a rainbow of colors. 

Produces the loudest Kush terps of all my gear and is the male donor to my Blueberry Breath F1.  Also the male to all the “Breath” line done in 2020. See pics at @okcalyxxgenetics.

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